1-Color Windsock

2-Color Windsocks

Colours Available:
-Navy Blue

Most Common:
-Standard aviation orange
-Orange safety colour
-Black & Yellow
-Red & White

How to Measure Windsocks

Method 1:
Measure around the complete circumference of the throat of the windsock. Divide that measurement by 3.14. This will calculate the diameter of the windsock in inches.

Method 2:
Lay your windsock flat on a table or floor. Measure from one side to the opposite side of the throat. Take that measurement & multiply by 2, then divide by 3.14. The result is the diameter of your windsock.

Method 3:
To determine the diameter of your windsock, measure from side to side through the middle of your windsock frame.

36″ Dia x 146″ Length x 7″ Dia Windsock
Canada Red & White 210 Denier Nylon
Grommets evenly spaced every 6″ on top

Windsock Sizing

Tip: To determine the size of the windsock frame measure the diameter of the large ring (Middle ring)

3'x 3' Nylon Airport Flags

Other Windsocks