120 Volt LED Windsock

FAA style photocells activate at 35 ft-cd and turn off at 58 ft-cd. A 45 second time delay prevents activation and de-activation from passing light. Includes 1/2″ threaded male fitting.

LED 27 watts 12 volt
2.24Amps / per hr
2500 Lumen White
5,000 hr life expectancy

16 Gauge Wire

 System Includes:

  • Rotating Windsock Frame
  • LED 12v 27w Light
  • Transformer
  • Junction Box
  • 16 Gauge Wire
  • Connectors
  • Fuse cable
  • Photocell

Solar LED System

Junction Box

Bottom Section Alum

Top Section Alum Poles

75 Watt Transformer

Windsock pole can be Straight or Stepped.

15’x 3.5″ with 10’x 3″ offers more strength than straight 25′ pole. The size of your windsock will also determine the correct combination.

Pole Parts