Cleat, Wall & Pole Covers

Wall Halyard Cover (837500)​

The aluminum plate is 6″x1/4″, halyard cover uses a stainless steel hinge and is 5′ tall. Designed to be mounted with 4 fasteners using 3/8″ or 1/4″ diameter fasteners, most common fastener are wedge anchor or threaded rod with epoxy for concrete, lag bolt with wood structures (not included). The cover is semi-circle to fit into the lock box.


(837450) Wall Cleat Box​

The aluminum plate to which the cleat box door is attached measures 6″ wide, 14″ height & 1/4″ thick and a S/S hinge. Mounted with 4-fasteners,
1/4″ or 3/8″ diameter fasteners. Lock & 9″ cleat not included.


Halyard & Cleat Covers



Flagpole Cleat Box (837300 & 837350):

Made of cast aluminum with stainless steel hinge pins. Design allows for easy installation utilizing the cleat holes to mount the cleat box. Two extra long 1/4″ stainless steel mounting screws are included. The distance between bolt centers is 2-3/4″. Lock & 9″ aluminum cleat not included. Mounting the box 8′ to 10′ off the ground will offer protection, additional protection can be added by using the Flagpole Halyard Cover.


Pole Cleat Box 805830 fits 3-3.5″, 805832 fits 4-12″ dia pole.



(837400) Flagpole Halyard Cover:
The flagpole halyard cover is made of aluminum channel and is designed to be used with the flagpole cleat box. The halyard cover has upper, middle & lower hinge assembly and is secured to the pole with 6 #10-24 NC stainless steel pan head screws (included). 10/24 NC tap is required for flagpole.
Note: Cleat box is sold separately and is not included in the halyard cover pricing




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