Cleats & Wall Covers

Wall Mounted Halyard Cover
The aluminum plate to which the halyard cover door is attached measures 6″ wide x 5′ high & 1/4″ thick. Designed to be mounted with 4 fasteners using 3/8″ or 1/4″ diameter threads. The cover is semi-circle to fit into the lock box.

Wall Mount Cleat Box
The aluminum plate to which the cleat box door is attached measures 6″ wide, 14′ height & 1/4″ thick. Deisgned to be mounted with 4 fasteners using 1/4″ diameter threads. Lock & 9″ cleat not included

Halyard & Cleat Covers


Flagpole Cleat Box:
Cast Aluminum with stainless steel hinge pins. Design allows for easy installation utilizing the cleat holes to mount the cleat cover box. Two extra long 1/4″ – 20NC stainless steel mounting screws are included. The distance between bolt centers is 2-3/4″. Lock & 9″ aluminum cleat not included. Mounting the box 10′ to 12′ off the ground will offer more protection. Part #805830 fits 3″ & 3.5″ 805832 fits 4″ to 12″.

Halyard Cover:
The flagpole halyard cover is made of aluminum channel and is designed to be used with the flagpole cleat box. The halyard cover has upper, middle & lower hinge assembly and is secured to the pole with 6 #10-24 NC stainless steel pan head screws (included). 10/24 NC tap is required for flagpole.
Note: Cleat box is sold separately and is not included in the halyard cover pricing