Anchors, Shoes & Shields

Shoe & Anchor Assembly


The tilt base allows one person to erect the flagpole with ease, saving money on installation and on future maintenance. The 25′ and 30′ flagpoles are very manageable for one person to handle on their own.

Some installations, the shield will be at ground level. Where other installations will require the shield to be 6″ above grade (1′ of form-a-tube with 35 MPA concrete).

Step & Cone tapered flagpoles under 50′ use an anchor bolt assembly.

60′, 70′ & 80′ flagpoles use a steel galvanized sleeve.

Economy flagpoles use a pvc sleeve that goes into the concrete.

Installation instructions are available here


Foundation Sleeve

Ground Screw

Misc Items


Anchor Bolt Assembly