Wall Mount Flagpoles


   6063 T-6 Aluminum


   Brush Finish
   Clear Anodize
   Black Anodize
   Powder Coated


   External Halyard Rope & Cleat
   Rotating Trucking Ball


   Two brackets per pole

image description


Step Tapered

Cone Tapered

Installation of Bracket:

Each bracket uses two bolts to fasten to the wall.

Installation: Please see fastener page to determine the best fastener for your base material.

Drill (see chart) for positioning brakcets.

The pole fits into the bracket and is secured with set screws. Hand tighten the anchor, then tighten 3-4 turns.

Installation Assistance & Specifications

Epoxy Anchor: Have all holes drilled in advance, epoxy is fast-drying.

Sleeve Anchor: Insert bolt thru bracket and into the drilled hole, tighten.

Wedge Anchor: Leave adequate threads exposed for nut, washer & bracket.

Thru-wall Anchor: Drill hole through wall. Threaded rod, large washer & nuts.

Lag Bolt: Drill pilot holes to prevent wood from cracking, tighten with wrench.

Contact Flag Outlet if you require assistance, tips or have questions regarding installation, please phone their toll free help line or email with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

Wall Bracket HD 3 inch
Wall Bracket HD 3.5 inch copy
Wall Bracket HD 3.5 inch copy

Heavy Duty Wall Brackets and Shield


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