Standard & Premium Poles


1″x 0.040″ polished aluminum flagpole, comes in two parts, one part is swedged to fit into the other half of the flagpole.
The recommended flag size for 8′ flagpole is 3’x 6′ or 27″x 54″ (Rated at 50 MPH with 3’x 6′ flag)
Tip: The flagpole should be longer than the length of the flag so it does not hit the building.

1″x .113″ aluminum flagpole,
one piece, anodized finish,
wall thickness is 0.113″


Acorn Finial

Pole Tops (Finial):
Polished brass vacuum plated plastic acorn top


Unfurlers are designed to prevent the flag from wrapping around the flagpole. Unfurlers work very well in medium & strong winds, less so in very light breezes. Use only on flagpoles placed on an angle, this is not required on a vertical flagpole.

Two ways to configure flagpoles:
1) Flags are attached directly onto the pole using
nylon clip (electrical straps) supplied.
2) Optional: On poles were the flag is attached with a rope, pulley & cleat. Add the price of the rope (.40 per ft), pulley (15.95) & cleat (7.50)

Standard Brackets


Standard poles can be used with premium brackets.

Premium Brackets