Nautical Flagpoles

6063 T-6 Aluminum

Clear Anodize

Attach directly on pole (A)
External rope & cleat (B)

6″ Stationary Ball

6″ Rotating Trucking Ball
Gaff & Yardarm Finial:
Plated Gold Plastic Acorn

Stationary Base
Embedded in-ground
(price reduces $215 per pole)

Tilt Base

Nautical flagpoles are well suited any time multiple flags are to be flown. Traditionally, this type of pole is located in coastal or island regions representing marine activities. Nautical poles also present a commanding appearance at Naval Institutions, Yacht clubs or any marine buisness or park. The multiple halyards allow you to fly your national flag, provincial flag and private club flag.

Alternative Configuration “A”
Attach flags directly on pole, flags can be attached to yardarms with stainless steel 1/8” cable and weight. This is the best method to stop vandalism.

Alternative Configuration “B”
This configuration uses rope, a cleat and an aluminum pulley to raise and lower flags.

Nautical Flagpoles772100812100800700 – 800800 – 800900
Item #SizePriceMin. Flag SizeMax. Flag SizeRevolving BallTilt BasePowder Coated
76090025’x 3.5″x 3″x .250″$99927″x 54″36″x 72″$150$90$175
76150030’x 3.5″x 3″x .250″$12803’x 6′45″x 90″$150$90$200
76210035’x 3.5″x 3″x .250″$142045″x 90″54″x 108″$150$90$250
 AccessoriesYardarm 802100 – Gaff 820200
820080Yardarm 6’x 1.5″x .125″$35018″x36″27″x54″$60
820090Yardarm 8’x 1.5″x .125″$37018″x36″27″x54″$60
820100Yardarm 10’x 1.5″x .125″$39027″x54″36″x72″$60
820180Gaff 3’x 1.5″x .125″$27518″x3627″x54″$50
820190Gaff 4’x 1.5″x .125″$28518″x36″27″x54″$50
820200Gaff 5’x 1.5″x .125″$29527″x 54″36″x72″$50

Flagpole prices include standard clear anodized finish, anchor bolt assembly, fixed shoe base, shield & external halyard hardware.