Economy Flagpoles

2 Year standard warranty (life) 20′ Suitable for residential & cottage.
25′ suitable for small businesses, organizations, schools & residential.

6063 T-6 Aluminum

3″ OS Diameter
1 Section


Clear Anodize


     External Halyard Rope & Cleat
     Comprised of:
     1″ Aluminum Pulley
     No. 7 Nylon Rope
     4.25″ White Nylon Cleat
     Manual Internal Halyard
     (Telescoping pole & hook)
     Standard Internal Halyard (Sliding Door)


     Stationary Ball


     ABS Tube Base
     Shoe & Tilt Base Assembly
     12″ Shield (base cover)

image description

The Economy flagpole is a straight shaft, made of 6063 T-6 anodized aluminum. It has many of the quality components of the Step Tapered flagpole, but without the shield, shoe & anchor. The flagpole fits into a PVC sleeve that is concreted into the ground. The pole is designed to be removed from the sleeve for easy maintenance. Alternatively, the shoe & tilt base ($200 option) can be used to lower the pole. The spun aluminum cover ($65 option) gives the flagpole a finished look and hides the tilt base. This low profile tilt base looks like any ordinary base from an external view and features additional security for the flag. It is an excellent value for the price-conscious consumer. Please note, this is a full-sized flagpole that must be shipped by transport truck.

Four Ways to Configure an Economy Flagpole

  • The external halyard (rope) system is exposed on the outside of the flagpole. This system is comprised of a high quality aluminum pulley, nylon cleat, 2-stainless steel snaps, 2-vinyl snap covers and quality 1/4” double braided white polyester rope.
  • Flags may be attached directly to the flagpole using eyebolts; this offers the best security for the flag.
  • The 3rd way is to combine the first & second method. Attach the flag directly on the flagpole and use the rope for secondary flags (Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, etc).
  • Manual internal halyard is a weighted system which is optional ($240). It is comprised of: rotating ball assembly, flag cable (s/s snap, s/s cable and vinyl snap covers), main flagpole cable (1/8” stainless steel), counterweight and ring assembly. To change the flag use a 15’ telescoping pole (not included) to snag and lower the ring assembly. This system does not use a door & key.

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