Cone Tapered Flagpoles


6063 T-6 Aluminum 


Brush Finish
Clear Anodize
Bronze Anodize
Black Anodize
Powder Coated


    External Rope & Cleat

Internal Halyard (Lock & Door)*
Internal Halyard (Gearless Winch)


    Stationary Ball

Rotating Trucking Ball


    Stationary Base

    Embedded In Ground
    Tilt Base

Facts and Additional Information

  • 80% of all flagpoles are sold with an internal halyard, rotating ball, tilt base and with anodized finish
  • Factors that increase strength are the pole diameter and of secondary importance is the wall thickness
  • The most common ground mount flagpole sizes are 25' - 35'
  • One should always match the flag to the flagpole. As a guideline, the length of the flag should be at least 1/4 of the height of the flagpole
  • Anodizing aluminum creates an extremely strong coating over the aluminum, making it stronger & more scratch resistance
  • Satin brush finish is sanded aluminum. Untreated aluminum looks great at first, but after a year will dull and after 7 years will stain. We recommend anodizing all flagpoles
  • The rotating ball is used with the internal halyard cable & for changing wind directions
  • The internal halyard door is 3-3/8"x 5-1/8" on most poles
  • The tilt base allows one person to erect the flagpole, saving money on installation & maintenance. The shoe is welded to the flagpole.
  • All parts are non-corrosive.
  • The above flags sizes do not constitute a warranty that all flags may be safely flow in all wind-speeds.
  • We offer a two year warranty on all flagpole with an optional lifetime warranty (click here for warranty info)

Important information please read!

Warning! – Wet or damp cardboard wrapping will stain flagpole. Be sure to store your flagpole unwrapped.


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