Note: Wind kits are optional for mounting banners. Wind kits help reduce stress on the banner and hardware in gusty weather.

View the Wind Kit page for more information.

Wall Mount 3" Pole, Shoe and Shield

Wall Mount Banner


Flexible Arms

Flexible arms are ¾” diameter and designed to spill off the wind, this produces less stress on hardware and banner.

Flexible arm should not be used with vinyl material.

Flexible arms work best with nylon and polyester material, when using vinyl material use flexible arm only for the bottom arm

Flexible Wall Mount Banner Arms

Engineered for long life and beauty. We use 6063 T-6 aluminum.

Available in black, white or almost any colour powder coated, also available in clear, black, and bronze anodized finish.


When installing brackets in concrete buildings we recommend stainless steel threaded rod with epoxy, our second choice is wedge anchors.

For wood and cinder block buildings we recommend thru bolts with large washer (5″ wood washers) or metal plate on the inside.

Universal Bracket

Flexible Fiberglass Arm

Universal 3-Way Banner Bracket

Banner Arms

Fixed Arms

Fixed arms are made of 1″ or 1.5″ aluminum. Aluminum will not stain walls, but steel has twice the strength of aluminum.

The steel is powder coated black or white, other colours are available at an extra charge.

Aluminum Banner Arms

Wall Brackets